Interdisciplinary Art

Interdisciplinary art is at once a freedom from the traditional disciplines, but also a freedom to them, to fully partake of them all without boundaries. I am interested in poetics, metaphor, how we see ourselves in relation to our world, how the language we use and the symbols we interpret influence what we think and feel. As Yi-Fu Tuan says in Space and Place: the Perspective of Experience, “to see and to think are closely related processes. In English, ‘I see’ means ‘I understand. Seeing … is a selective and creative process…." Whether actual words are written on a painting or not, poetry and painting have long influenced each other.

For one instance, Howard Hodgkin’s intimate narratives sometimes draw from poetry, and many poets have written works inspired by his painting. Others like Charlotte Salomon or Kenneth Patchen who more obviously included text in the picture plane also connected poetry and paint. If an artist is drawing from poetry or literature or the realm of ideas offered from any subject (politics, anthropology, science, etc.) that to me is interdisciplinary. As is enabling one’s art practice to be open enough to allow for the creative idea to emerge in its appropriate form. Both are necessary for an expanded vision of possibility.

I need both verbal language and “visual language;" some creations need words and others image, some occupy the mental space of poetry and others, the silent, unsayable things, require the physical space of the picture plane, or the three-dimensional space of an installation.